Personal Brain Injury

Minnesota personal injury attorney James Heuer talks about a traumatic experience for him and how it has affected his life and career.

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You know, I think what did they say some of these ads like I get this special pillow and I love it so much I use it. Well, I didn’t mean to get in a car accident but I was. I was coming home from dinner one night and was within a mile of my house and I was rear-ended by someone who knocked Grant into the back of me, who then into me so I was a chain reaction. And I got a head injury from that and it was really life altering for a period of time when I didn’t think I could even do my job for a while.

But the good thing about the human body is if you take care of it, it will heal itself to a large degree. And so I got through that process and it’s made me even more compassionate for what people have been through. I’m able to reach out and say here’s the photographs this is what happened to my car and here’s my story about how I couldn’t function at the office for a while and had to have people do things for me. And now I’m back and I lead a great staff here at Heuer Fischer and it’s a thrill to work with them every day.

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