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Trail Technology

Chicago, IL medical malpractice attorney Jeffrey M. Goldberg dives into his use of technology in trials and its effectiveness in achieving satisfactory results for cases.

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We were one of the first firms to use video presenters in the courtroom, since then it’s evolved. We use PowerPoint presentations. Virtually all of our documents now are not on 30 x 40 blowups but they’re blown up on a screen in front of the jury. We can superimpose images on them. We videotape most pertinent depositions so that we can impeach not with what someone said before but a picture of them saying it. We can take a deposition and superimpose a document or an exhibit or a fetal monitor strip to show the jury. We have video microscopes that allow us to show the actual pathology slides to the jury in real time with the witness describing it. People today learn off TV, they learn off their computer screens we need to present to the jury the exact same quality, a video presentation that they’re getting at home on their TV or in their schoolroom computes. Without that, you can’t convince anyone of anything today.

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