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Technology and the Trial Process

Waukegan, IL personal injury attorney Brian Lewis talks about the amount of technology that goes into court cases and how his firm uses it for various cases.

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So technology has become an ever increasing element of all of our trials and pretrial practice. Years ago, at trial lawyers would just use blow up boards of records or pictures. In today’s day and age, jurors appropriately expect more. Everyone has a cell phone, everyone has a computer and it is much more efficient and effective to use technology in the courtroom. At Gibson Lewis, we have been doing that for years.

I made a presentation to the American Bar Association about technology in the courtroom. We videotape depositions of certain witnesses so that we could play their impeachment at trial and jurors expect to see that and they will see that in a very crisp, clean way during the trial.

As far as presenting medical records, you can imagine that many times cases have hundreds, if not thousands, of pages of records that need to be seen and used during a trial, and if we don’t have an efficient, effective way of doing that in front of a jury, the jury is going to not appreciate it. Time is valuable so there are various operating systems and various techniques that we use with iPads, et cetera, so that we can present the evident to the jury in the best way.

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