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Nicholas Kaster’s Most Rewarding Aspects

Minneapolis estate planning attorney, Nicholas Kaster, shares why he enjoys being a lawyer.

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I really enjoy working at Moss & Barnett because it’s a team approach. I certainly can’t know everything there is to know about estate planning and I’m surrounded by folks who have different experiences than me and I can walk into their office and ask questions and they look at their life experiences and say well, this how I’ve handled a similar situation. So it’s really when you have me prepare your estate plan you really get eight or nine folks and using their collective wisdom and experience to craft, I think, probably the best estate plan a person could have. And even in those situations, the most rewarding part for me is the hugs I get. I know I’ve had a good meeting when mom or dad gives me a hug at the end of the meeting and you can see their shoulders fall that it’s one less thing for them to worry about. They know that they have a good plan in place and that the kids will be taken care of should something happen.

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