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Mentor in the Practice of Law

Minneapolis, MN civil litigation attorney Tony Edwards talks about someone who inspired him in practicing law and growing up to go into the profession.

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You know, it’s an interesting one. My mother started law school when I was four. She graduated, so obviously I was seven. She practiced as a criminal defense attorney and then became a judge when I was 13. She was then a judge in Hennepin County for 21 years. And not only is she a person that I’ve always really admired and looked up to, but seeing how she went about handling cases and talking through those cases with her from the time I was pretty young has always really been invaluable to me in thinking about, “Well what might a judge’s perspective be like?” But also, she’s certainly a person whose integrity and whose intelligence I think are second to none, and so she was certainly part of my inspiration in becoming a lawyer in the first place and has always been someone that I’ve looked to as kind of a touchstone for how to practice and how to conduct myself like a professional, so she’s the first person that comes to mind for me.

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