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Affirmative Action Compliance Services

Minneapolis, MN business litigation attorney, Ryan Olson, explains the concept of Affirmative Action compliance services.

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Affirmative action compliant services I throw them into five general buckets. The first bucket being that you have general obligations that a covered contractor has to comply with. Second, and this is not for all contractors but some contractors have to have a written affirmative action program so that’s kind of the second bucket. Thirdly, we certainly help contractors who have to have them implement those plans. No matter how good of a written program you have if it’s not implemented it doesn’t do you any good. Fourth, we assist _____ contractors with compliance reviews or more causally known as an AUT. We help contractors with those and then, lastly, the Affirmative Action compliance services tale generally also includes like reporting obligations and our assistance in counsel with clients with those reporting obligations, which vary depending on whether it’s a federal requirement or a state requirement.

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