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Minneapolis employment law attorney Clayton Halunen discusses his law firm.

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At Halunen & Associates we have 12 lawyers. Half of our lawyers do class action litigation and half our lawyers do employment litigation. We’ve grown quite a bit in the last couple years. We’ve had some great successes. We’re obtaining national attention for the work we do. And people come to us because we’re aggressive, we are very versed in our area of the law, we’re willing to take on challenging cases, we’re willing to stand up to any corporation – we don’t back down – we’re willing to take a case to trial rather than just settling, and we have the reputation that I think amongst most defense firms in town who we go up against, they know that we will bring it to the end, we’ll bring it to a trial, and that, at the end of the day, it’s very likely we’ll be successful. And so I think that’s what makes a – as well as the people who work for the firm. We have very talented people, loyal people, people who believe in our mission. And putting all those things together, I think it makes us quite a unique law firm.

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