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Rewarding Case

Bloomington, MN Construction Law Attorney Tim Johnson reflects on a significant case he took on and the beneficial outcome of it.

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I mean there’s so many so it’s really it’s difficult to pick just one. But I can think of one case where we dealt with a fire loss and the insurance company had denied the claim and it wasn’t just that this person’s house had burned down somebody had literally died in the fire. So in addition to the financial loss there was a loss of life. It was a really bad deal. But the insurance company denied the claim on the basis that they didn’t have enough fire alarms in their house.

We did an independent investigation and found out they had multiple fire alarms in their house but the insurance company still denied the claim. So we went before the federal district court of Minnesota and argued that that policy exclusion didn’t apply. Argued that the insurance company has wrongfully denied benefits and the court agreed with us and awarded the full amount of the insurance claim to the client. It couldn’t replace the loss of life but at least it could allow them to replace their home.

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