Mesothelioma Attorney in Houston, Texas

Secondary Exposure to Asbestos: I’ve never been in direct contact with asbestos. How can I still have mesothelioma?

Houston, TX personal injury attorney Aaron Heckaman talks about how someone may have mesothelioma even if they have never come in contact with asbestos.

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So secondary exposure cases are challenging cases, but they’re, frankly, ones that we handle all the time and we excel at. Again, a client is often very puzzled when they receive this, in essence a death sentence diagnosis of mesothelioma, and the doctor asked them where they worked, and they said, “I was a housewife my whole life,” or, “I was a school teacher,” or worked in a place that there doesn’t seem to be asbestos just lurking around. Well, when you take the next step and you keep uncovering the stones, what we find oftentimes is there’s a take-home angle, and what I mean by that is oftentimes the husband would work outside the home or parents would work outside the home, and those are incredibly complex, sad cases. We’ve worked on some where someone’s father worked in a power plant and would come home in his jumpsuit, and the kids would come up and hug his dusty clothes every day. Those are extremely sad cases, and those are cases that are very important to us and ones that we spend a lot of time and effort on.

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