Mesothelioma Attorney in Houston, Texas

Importance of Experience in Mesothelioma Cases: Why is it so vitally important to hire a lawyer with extensive experience in handling mesothelioma cases?

Houston, TX personal injury attorney Aaron Heckaman talks about why it’s important to hire a lawyer who has experience in mesothelioma cases.

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Hiring a mesothelioma lawyer with experience is probably the most important decision a client can make. The reality of the situation is that most firms are simply not built to handle these cases. There is a unique learning curve to these cases, and if you just went to the lawyer down the street who maybe handles a car wreck case or a personal injury case, they’re not even gonna know the companies to go after, whereas when you choose our firm, we literally have the playbook on all of these defendants. We have litigated against them. Oftentimes we’ve tried cases against them. We’ve taken all their experts’ depositions. So I’m often able to meet with a client the first time and tell them with a pretty high degree of accuracy the value of their case, where the best place for us to file and prosecute their case, and what defendants we’re gonna go after.

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