Mentors in the Practice: Who was a mentor to you in the practice of law and what did you learn from them?

Torrance, CA personal injury attorney Roger Booth talks about learning from his Dad about how to practice as a successful lawyer.

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In terms of mentors, certainly my father was a mentor. I practiced with him for a number of years. What I learned I think the biggest thing that I learned from him was the importance of really detailed, painstaking preparation of a case. And when you’re preparing to try a case you have to know the case inside and out, every fact, every detail. And then, you have to somehow to condense it down to something that you can present to a jury that’s much more concise than where you started with. So I definitely learned that from him.

I practiced many years with Richard Koskoff who was my partner, really similar lesson from him about just leaving no stone unturned in preparing a case. And if there’s a witness out there that might know something about an accident or an event that happened you go out and you talk to that witness or you have an investigator talk to that witness. And if there’s anything that can be done to make the case stronger and more compelling you go out and you do it.

Those were certainly important lessons. And at the same time, from both of them I learned how to have some balance and not be completely consumed with work and practicing law 24 hours a day so that was also a very valuable lesson.

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