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$8.9M Settlement for Client Injured at a Hazardous Waste Site

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Once in a while because the nature of my interest and practice and my background I have done some significant tort cases. I don’t take them on very often but this was a case in New Hampshire, it was also filed here in Massachusetts where I was brought in immediately after someone had been dramatically injured at an environmental remediation site. And the challenge, of course, in Massachusetts and in most state is you can’t sue your employer under the worker’s comp bar. So we went up, I was lucky enough to meet with some people within days of the horrible accident and they did the right thing and told the truth as to what had happened on the job site. And it appeared that someone who was not the employer had made a very serious mistake. And that turned out to be the second largest settlement in New Hampshire history. It didn’t have a very good result for my client physically because he was severely, severely damaged, it was a horrible result for that for his family but we were able to achieve a substantial, you know, nearly $9 million settlement for him to take care of him. On an infrequent basis, I will do a serious tort, it’s something I’m comfortable with and we’ve had good success doing that. And it’s helpful to the family although those situations are often very, very difficult.

Wellesley, MA attorney Bill Royal talks about a memorable personal injury case in which he won his client an $8.9M settlement.

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