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i’ve always thought that it’s really

important for attorneys in our field to

understand that you’re dealing with a

client at their most difficult situation

in life when they’re after an accident

they’re very vulnerable so our

philosophy is to approach them as people

first and not as a subject of a

transaction in the first place we want

to ensure that they have proper medical

care and by what i mean by that is to

making sure that whatever injuries they

have are documented as soon as possible

the second thing that’s important is

making sure that they get the treatment

that will make them better while the

case is pending because the cases tend

to take a lot a long time

that being said though we as a firm we

really pride ourselves on being very

efficient when it comes to handling

those cases in court so we do not

produce unnecessary delays

and we don’t make the cases that are

long by themselves even longer

i think that there’s no set formula for

being successful in courtroom but i

think it makes it is very important how

you make your points come across and i

think it really helps if you’re if

you’re being honest if you’re being


and it definitely helps to have some

charisma but i think that honesty and

being straightforward are more important

than that

also i think that if you’re if you’re

dealing with a jury trial it’s it’s also

important to understand the different

demographics and how to approach

uh people and what

issues are important to present to

certain demographics as opposed to other

Brooklyn, NY personal injury attorney Nicole Brencki talks about the philosophy that guides her work and what it takes to be successful in the courtroom.

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