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Meet Lauren O. Youngman

Los Angeles, CA family law attorney Lauren O. Youngman talks about her mentor in the practice of law, common advice she gives clients and her service to the community.

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A piece of advice that I find that I give to our family law clients very often is that it’s better to have some say and some input in the outcome of your divorce case or parentage case than to have a stranger make that decision for you. This is true in a majority of cases. There are some cases where you have no choice, but to litigate, and go, and put your case in front of a judge, but for most people, even if the outcome isn’t exactly what you wanted, if you have some measure of control and some say over it, it’s usually going to be a better outcome for you.

My mom, Barbara Youngman, a partner at this firm, has been my mentor in the practice of law for my entire life, really. As I grew up, I saw my mom establish a solo practice all by herself, and years later, eventually, she formed this firm with her partner, Ron Reichstein. She’s taught me professionalism, she’s taught me how to put our clients’ best interests first, and really everything I know about the practice of law.

I find it really rewarding to work with individuals who otherwise couldn’t afford an attorney, so I volunteer to do pro-bono work with low income litigants in family law cases. I also really enjoy working with students and so, I volunteer at the Loyola Law School Center for Conflict Resolution, as a volunteer mediator. At the Center for Conflict Resolution, I work with students and other family law professionals to help real clients resolve their cases in mediation.

It’s very rewarding to work with students, because they’re so enthusiastic about gaining practical experience, and working together with practitioners to help people.

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