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Rewards of the Practice: Most rewarding part of the practice of law

Covington, GA criminal law attorney Beau Worthington talks about the best part of his job.

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Most of the time the clients sit in this conference room with us they are facing one of the worst, maybe the worst day of their life. They’re going through a divorce, they’ve been arrested for a crim the didn’t commit, they’re suffering from some kind of catastrophic injury and they’re not sure how to get their life pointed in a direction that it was going.

And that’s the most satisfying part of being an attorney is to get people back on track to get either a criminal charge or a divorce behind them and let them know that there is a life on the other side of whatever they’re facing. And a lot of times that can be very challenging for clients to understand but it certainly is the most rewarding part of our practice once we see someone pull through whatever adversity they’re going through and we can be as much help to them as we can.

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