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Philosophy as a Lawyer

Dallas, TX trial attorney Trey Crawford talks about his philosophy working as a lawyer.

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Well number one is identifying the client’s goal and then from there it’s really kind of three things. One, preparation; two, confidence; and then three, coachability is the way I approach the practice and what I tell younger lawyers is the three things that I think are most important. You out prepare the other side no matter what I don’t care how much experience you have the more prepared lawyer typically wins.

Second, confidence it’s not arrogance it’s just confidence in your preparation. When it’s time to, when the lights come on and it’s time to perform whether it’s in a courtroom or in a deposition you need to have confidence in that preparation.

And then coachability you’re constantly learning, learning from every single situation you’re in. I go back and reread every single deposition that I take, every single motion that I file or response that I give to see how I can improve for the next time. And the second you stop improving in my opinion you’ve kind of plateaued as a lawyer and you’re better off going to do something else so I’d sum it up with those three things.

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