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Meet Trey Crawford

Meet attorney Trey Crawford in this brief introduction video as he talks about why he decided to go into law as well as his history of being on a baseball team and how it has affected his views of team leadership.

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It’s really a competitive that I grew up playing sports competitively my entire life. And I found in litigation particularly that it kind of fills that void, the competitive void that I kind of strived for my entire life through athletics.

I played baseball at TCU and I think the lessons that I learned through playing the game and being in a team environment my entire life really set the stage for my next stage of my life, which was to practice law.

You’re constantly learning. Learn from every single situation you’re in. I go back and reread every single deposition that I take, every single motion that I file or response that I give to see how I can improve for the next time. And the second time you stop improving in my opinion you’ve kind of plateaued as a lawyer and you’re better off going to do something else.

The most rewarding experience I’ve had so far as a lawyer wasn’t my largest result but I represented an 18-year old female, recent valedictorian who was sexual assaulted essentially during a quasi-job interview. She was provided alcohol to the point of unconsciousness and taken a half a mile away and assaulted and she woke up. And when I first met that client, you could tell she was a broken woman. The justice system somewhat failed her in that regard and she had significant behavior disorders as a result of this incident and really couldn’t find any closure to it.

And so we represented her and for two and a half years worked up the case and the most rewarding movement of my professional career was when the judge vindicated her. You could literally see the weight of her life lifted off of her shoulders at that moment irrespective of what happened on appeal, which it was affirmed on appeal both at the Dallas Court of Appeals level and the Texas Supreme Court. But that moment gave me the most pleasure in the practice and I really felt that what I’m doing made a difference and it truly made a difference in her life and I would that is definitely the most memorable moment of my career thus far.

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