Case Results: Medical Negligence/Malpractice

Mesa, AZ personal injury attorney Matt Riggs talks about a specific case involving a small child who had to undergo surgery and the unfortunate medical negligence that took place in the procedure.

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In medical negligence cases also, we deal with many tragic situations where there are long term problems. In fact, because medical negligence cases cost so much money to handle, we usually will not take a medical negligence case unless the damages are very, very, catastrophic or result in death. So a case that I’ll tell you about was very tragic. It was there was a beautiful young couple who had twin boys. And these boys were beautiful baby boys and they were not quite two-years old if I remember correctly and one of the boys had to go in for a surgery. It was a relatively minor surgery. Before going into that surgery this sweet mother got a call from her dad telling her that he just found out that her brother and he were diagnosed with a condition called Prolonged QT Syndrome and it deals with the heart rhythms being irregular. That it’s hereditary and that she ought to have her son tested before he goes under anesthesia.

So the mother diligently cancels the surgery or postpones it rather until she can get the testing done. Her son was then tested and the doctor who did the testing read the strip, the heart monitor strip and told her that everything was okay and that he would be find undergoing the surgery. The problem was the strip actually read that this and showed that this child did have Prolonged QT. The child underwent the surgery and didn’t wake up from the surgery.

This is something that could have been avoided. We love doctors. We appreciate doctors. We appreciate hospitals and all that they do for us but they are human and they make mistakes. And oftentimes, these mistakes ‘cause catastrophic or even death, catastrophic injuries or death and that’s where we step in to make sure that their insurance takes care of that for the aggrieved family or the aggrieved patient.

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