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Medical Malpractice

Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney Laura M. Shamp talks a medical malpractice case in which a client lost his thumb and part of his hand.

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The one that, it might not have been the biggest verdict, thank God, but it certainly was, it was rewarding because it was the, at the time the largest verdict in that small town. So this was in Douglas, Georgia, in Coffee County. And I represented an individual who had gone in for a case of pancreatitis and while he was in the hospital they put an IV in his hand, and they put it in wrong. And the material that they were infusing then came outside of his vein. It is called extravasating and it extravasated and caused an irritation in his hand. And despite the fact that he complained bitterly to the nurses and to the medical care providers no one did anything for several hours. And then finally, when it was finally taken out he ended up losing his thumb and part of his hand as a result of that.

And so we brought that claim, and a lot of people told me you’re just not going to get good money down in this small town. They don’t award damages very well down there. And I didn’t believe that. I didn’t want to, because I believe everyone should get justice if they’ve been injured regardless of whether they’re in Atlanta, or Marietta, or in South Georgia. And so I took that case and I took it to trial down in Coffee County, and my client was just a tremendous witness and things just really, really went well down there, including the defendants decided it would be a good idea to bring all the nurses from the hospital and sit them in the back of the courtroom during the trial.

And the jury really didn’t like that. They didn’t like the idea that someone was trying to influence their decision about the case, and so we got a $1.5 million verdict for this gentleman who lost his thumb, which was just a tremendous result, and really I think spoke volumes. And I have spoken about that case in other venues, that justice really shouldn’t be limited by the city that you live in, by the county that you live in, and the willingness of lawyers to take chances and try cases in these venues that have historically been thought of as not plaintiffs friendly. It’s something I’m a big advocate of.

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