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Medical Device Errors

Waukegan, IL medical malpractice attorney Scott Gibson talks about the medical devices that are usually involved in medical device litigation.

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Well, one of the primary medical device failures is in limb reconstruction, for instance knee replacements and in hip replacements. As most people are aware, when a doctor has to make a replacement, he has to put in artificial parts. They’re usually made of plastic or metal, excuse me, or rubber, and they may use cement or glue. They may use screws for some of these. And these are made by manufacturers and they have to comply with the product liability standards. If they fail while they’re in somebody’s body then we would have a right to make a case.

Another aspect of it is failure of hardware, in other words, surgical hardware in the spine. There are a lot of cases where if a manufacturer makes, for instance, the metal rods for someone who needs a low back surgery and those metal rods are not made correctly and they break in the person’s body after the surgery, well, that could be a case.

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