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Lack of Informed Consent

Waukegan, IL medical malpractice attorney Scott Gibson talks about what defines informed consent in the medical profession.

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In general terms, it means was the patient given the appropriate information by the doctor to make a decision for himself or herself that the patient wanted to undergo the procedure, for instance. And these cases are – you know, they’re difficult for the most part because informed consent is usually very general, in other words, a lot of things could happen. But if there is a specific danger, for instance, for a specific surgery, and that is not explained to the patient or if, let’s say, a test result comes in and it’s not explained to the patient and the doctor goes ahead and performs the surgery anyway and if there is a bad result, the patient might say, listen, doctor, if you had told me about that test result I may not have agreed to undergo the procedure and I wouldn’t have suffered these injuries. So that could be an example of a lack of informed consent.

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