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Developing Strong Medical Arguments

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We build our arguments around the medical records that were created by the doctors at the time not what their experts may be hired to say four years later, not what the doctors may say years later, but what their medical records say. We take those and then we find experts that can evaluate those medical records and pinpoint and prove exactly how and when the injury happened. Fortunately, in birth injury cases we quite often have fetal monitor strips, which were recording the baby’s heartrate and the mother’s uterine contractions for hours leading to the delivery. Those can’t be altered, they exist in real time, and they can’t be changed. So all we have to do is look at those and those tell the story of what that child, that fetus was going through and when lack of oxygen was occurring and how it led to the devastating cerebral palsy and hypoxic injuries that the child suffered.

Chicago, IL medical malpractice attorney Jeffrey M. Goldberg talks about how he makes strong and convincing medical arguments in his profession.

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