Mediation Attorney in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

What to Avoid in the Mediation Process

Minnesota Mediation Attorney, Gregg Johnson, discusses potential pitfalls in the mediation process.

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Well, I think one of the things that I see people run into or problem areas that they run into is getting past the anger that they might have, the resentment toward the other party, the sense that they’ve been wronged, and to move to that point where, “Okay, this has happened to me, but I want to get this case resolved.  I’m at a point now where I need to move on with my life.”  That’s one thing I really try to stress with parties is, sure, you can go to trial, but there’s uncertainty that goes with trial.  You never know how that judge is going to decide legal issues. You don’t know how the jury is going to decide your case.  And what’s more, I try to stress with people the cost; that this is just going to get more expensive the longer they prolong it, so to get them to think about the costs, to moving on with their life, and to having final resolution of the case, and the importance of that.

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