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Minneapolis mass tort and complex litigation attorney Bucky Zimmerman shares his experience in mass tort and complex litigation.

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Well I started with breast implants in the early 1990’s. I was appointed to a league council position in the silicone gel breast implant litigation, which was a long time ago. And I’d just continued to be fascinated by these multiple client cases and how you organize and consolidate them and get to the end so that people aren’t quagmire forever in the process and we can have a user friendly process where there’s thousands of cases around the country so we don’t get quagmire into a place where we never get a result. So that was my first foray into mass torts and I found it fascinating. Ultimately, I wrote a book about it pharmaceutical and medical device litigation. I am adjunct professor and teach the topic at the University of Minnesota Law School, so it’s become kind of a career passion and a career interest for me. It goes in many direction, I mean I’ve been involved in drug and device cases, I’ve been involved in consumer cases, I’ve been involved the ___ breach cases, I’ve been involved in traumatic brain injury cases. I’ve been involved in lots of different aspects of the same general theme, which is when there’s a disaster, be it a recall, be it a product failure, be it a brain injury on a mass scale or even a toxic spill where we want to deliver a solution based upon a single incident to a lot of people without having delay and repetition. That’s really what I’ve spent a career doing.

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