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Battling Big Pharma: How do you do battle with big pharmaceutical companies and their legions of lawyers?

Houston, TX personal injury attorney Aaron Heckaman talks about how his firm usually handles going to battle with big pharmaceutical companies.

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Frankly, that’s one of the biggest challenges in going against Big Pharma. The reality is is that oftentimes I’ll show up to a deposition in a pharma case, and there’ll be four or five name partners from some of the biggest, fanciest law firms around the country, and it’s just me and a law clerk or a paralegal. And I enjoy that, and I relish that role. Frankly, we have to be better, faster, and stronger than a very well-funded opposition, but the facts are on our side and the truth is on our side, and when you have that going for you, it’s really easy to go in there. It doesn’t feel like David versus Goliath. I think it’s the other way around. I feel like they have so many lawyers there and they’re paying so much attention to it because they know what we’re capable of and they know what our firm is capable of.

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