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Houston, TX personal injury attorney Aaron Heckaman talks about a specific case involving pharmaceuticals.

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One of the cases that interest me the most is actually a project the we’re ramping up on and really involved in now, and that’s the PPI litigation, or the Proton Pump Inhibitor litigation. PPI is a fancy word for a product that, frankly, everyone’s heard of. It’s Nexium. It’s Prilosec. It’s the heartburn medication that you saw advertised ad-naseum on TV. They advertise that you should be taking this drug every day, take it multiple times a day to cure your heartburn, but the fact is it was never intended to be taken more than a few days at a time, and we’re seeing some clients of ours with very devastating kidney injuries as a result of ingesting these pills. So this has been a very interesting case. The science behind it is very interesting, and it’s one I really look forward to prosecuting.

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