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$14.5 Million Offshore Injury Case

Houston, TX personal injury attorney Richard Plezia talks about a memorable case he worked on.

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This particular case was an individual that was doing construction work on an offshore oil rig and the requirements in the North Sea require that there’s two routes of escape. And so in America derricks you only need one route of escape so the route that you go up on the ladder he did not expect a missing place where another ladder should have been and he turned the corner and fell 80 feet to his death. What we were able to uncover in that case was that it was not barricaded at the time that the hole was there. It should have been covered up or it should have had some type of railing around it. And as a result of that they found the company is liable not only the construction of it but also the design of the rig. And so there was a lot of liability for a lot of the different persons involved and we were able to get a good recovery for that.

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