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Legal Separation: Who should think about legal separation instead of divorce?

Los Angeles, CA family law attorney Barbara J. Youngman talks about the potential benefits of legal separation instead of divorce.

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People who should think about a legal separation rather than a divorce are people who no longer want to be married to the other person. Sometimes its religious reasons, people don’t want to have a divorce so that’s one group. Another group would be people who don’t necessarily want to get divorced and don’t even want to legally separate but there are financial considerations. If you are legally separated and your spouse becomes deathly ill you will not liable for those medical expenses. And sometimes that’s an issue for people who don’t have a lot of money where one spouse is very ill and is probably going to die and you don’t want to use all up all of the community assets on that person and then the surviving spouse has no money to care for themselves. So that’s another situation where a legal separation would be better than a divorce.

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