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Memorable Bad Faith Insurance Case

Houston, TX personal injury attorney Richard Plezia talks about a specific case he remembers.

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I think the most memorable cases are the hurricane cases because everybody had a different type of damage that they suffered from but it’s also a damage to their house, to their home and so there was a lot of emotion involved that it was the house that you grew up in or that your kids grew up in. And so for an insurance company and you see them on TV all the time with all these neat little jingles like a good neighbor or Nationwide on your side or what have you, it’s a very different process when the claims start being made ’cause insurance companies only make money two different ways. They make it from selling policies and from limiting claims and that’s the only two ways that they’re gonna make money. So you can image in that when you make a claim they have lawyers looking for their interest. And so I would say that especially on the hurricane cases it was amazing the difference in result that persons that got a lawyer who knew what they were doing would get their repairs made and then some as opposed to people that tried to do it themselves.

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