Important Issues Facing Transportation Clients

Minneapolis Business Litigation Attorney Michael Glover talks about important issues his clients are facing now in transportation cases.

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I think there are two issues that are out there right now. I think it’s governmental regulation, and more specifically, increasing governmental regulation. And the second is employment issues. The first with regard to governmental regulation. There is a strong push out there now for governments to regulate the transportation industry in terms of employees, in terms of safety, even more than it has been in the past. And the transportation companies run on safety, but the regulations imposed by the government aren’t necessarily safety-oriented if really looked at deeply.

The other issue is employment. The employment – that transportation industry employs a tremendous number of people. They also contract with a number of – a tremendous number of people. And there’s a tension between those independent contractors, and employees. And they both have to be treated correctly. And the biggest problem is if you jumble them together, there could be big problems.

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