How to Select a Family Law Attorney Attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota

How does family law differ from other areas of the law?

Stillwater family law attorney, Matt Ludt, discusses what makes family law cases different.

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I’m very cognizant of the fact that, unlike other types of cases where one person sues another person or they’re involved together in a court case, this isn’t like a car accident or a contract litigation claim where the parties are done and they can just stop doing business together and never see each other again. My clients, when they get done with their cases, still have another 5 or 20 years that they have to co-parent together and really figure out a way to work together. So, we can’t use a scorched-earth approach and, by any cost, win at the immediate case, because it’s so much longer that you gotta keep a long vision, a big picture as to what the road ahead looks like. And so, a lot of times we end up talking about what could be done to make sure to secure what needs to be secured now, that stand up for their rights, not necessarily roll over, because they have to work together in the future, but get what they need to now and – but yet still have that respect in a developing co-parent relationship that, hopefully, is going to be strong or get stronger in the years ahead and so that we don’t end up having to sacrifice the future for the – a current victory.

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