How much compensation can I receive as a victim of child pornography?

New York sex abuse victim attorney, James Marsh, discusses how much money one can expect to receive as a victim of child pornography.

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The kinds and amounts of compensation you can receive as a victim of child pornography vary depending again on whether it’s a civil suit or whether it’s obtained through restitution. Restitution, which is something that we pioneered, is basically limited to your out of pocket, what we call your pecuniary losses. So things like pain and suffering, things like emotional damages those kinds of things are not covered under criminal restitution. But things like lost income can be covered, your medical expenses, therapy expenses both past, present, and future. When we’re talking about civil remedies there is a federal law that we helped right called ______ Law, which allows victims of child pornography possession, distribution, and receipt to obtain a minimum of $150,000.00 in damages. So that again, is a federal statute and that would be brought as part of an independent civil case. But there are more and more a variety of remedies for victims whether it be in the criminal context or in a civil context that can obtain civil justice for child pornography.

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