How is the Amount of Child Support Decided?

Edina, MN Family Law Attorney, Jane Van Valkenburg talks about how the amount of monthly child support is determined in a divorce.

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Monthly child support is determined based on both parties’ income. So there’s a child support calculator. We look at both parties’ income, what percentage of income do each parent have, and then what percentage of parenting time do each party have. Right now the statute provides that if one parent has less than ten percent, they have no adjustment to their child support. If they have between 10 and 45 percent, they get a parenting time adjustment based upon the fact that they’re providing food, shelter for that child. And then over 45 percent there’s another adjustment. Starting in August of 2018 they’re changing that so there’s greater – more gradations in the child support adjustment. So that’s how it’s calculated now.

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