Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hiring a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Minneapolis medical malpractice attorney Shannon Carey shares what a person harmed in a medical setting should look for in an attorney.

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I think the most important thing for anybody in choosing an attorney is to make a decision based on who you think you can work with. This is not a three-month courtship. This is a two to three year – typically a two- to three-year relationship, and if you choose somebody and think, -Oh, well, I can just do this, what you have to understand is you’re gonna be burying a lot of information and sharing a lot of information that is very personal and sometimes embarrassing, because medical procedures and results and damages can be very personal and embarrassing to a client. And you have to feel comfortable telling your attorney about what’s going on, because an attorney can only represent you as well as you can tell your story and share your story.

So if you can’t feel comfortable talking about very personal and very delicate medical stuff that’s going on with you, then that’s not a good relationship to have with the attorney. I think the most important thing is you want to be able to trust your attorney, number one, but also be able to share your story and know that it’s gonna be held in confidence. Know that you can trust that it’s gonna be handled delicately and explained really well to the other side and your story gets told further.

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