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Civil Rights Practice Group of Gaskins Bennett Birrell Schupp

Meet Robert Bennett, Ryan Vettleson, Andy Noel, Katie Bennett, and Paul Dworak of the Gaskins Bennett Birrell Schupp civil rights practice group.

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Robert Bennett: We have, as far as I’m concerned, the top five civil rights lawyers in town, and probably in the region, all of whom have significant trial experience in federal court.

Ryan Vettleson: One of the great things about the civil rights practice at Gaskins Bennett is that we work very much as a team.

Katie Bennett: Everyone here at Gaskins Bennett Birrell Schupp in the civil rights group has extensive experience in federal court and high level mediations. We really set the bar high for the level of work that we do for our clients, and we’re willing to fight hard for everyone that we represent.

Andy Noel: Our group is very cohesive. We talk every day. We deal with the issues in the cases every day. One thing that’s important in our group is all of the lawyers get to communicate regularly with our adversaries. So the defense lawyers on the cases get to know everybody, get to respect and understand that we’re doing a good job, and that’s going to help everybody in the future as we continue to pursue the civil rights cases in Minnesota and in the Midwest.

Paul Dworak: And we are selective in the cases that we take, but we’re very aggressive in our approach to those cases. We try to get everything out of every case that we take, and as a client, that’s what they should look for, a lawyer or a law firm that will get them a full recovery for their injuries.

Andy Noel: Bob Bennett was – has been doing this kind of work for over 30 years and all of the lawyers in the group either started out doing this kind of work, or have been doing it from very early on in their legal career.

Robert Bennett: I basically took my first, I think, civil rights case in 1980 and have done them ever since.

Ryan Vettleson: If I’m the case I’ll do most of the day-to-day contact with the client, but I’m not the only source of information for the client. We work very collaboratively, so clients end up getting the benefit of not only my 12 years of experience, but the experience and the knowledge of all of the other members.

Robert Bennett: And frankly, you know, we don’t advertise because we don’t have to.

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