Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Attorney in Chicago, Illinois

Handling a Personal Injury Case

Chicago, IL personal injury attorney Ronald Kalish talks about his approach to handling a personal injury case.

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Well my approach to handling a personal injury case is to make sure that it’s a case that I think that I can help you with. If it’s not a case that I can help you with, it doesn’t do me any good or you any good for me to be involved.

But once we commit, and once I commit to taking your case and you’ve hired me, you can expect me to be very thorough in investigating the case, looking for the certain nugget or fact of a case that tells your story to the jury. You can expect me to explore every aspect of potential settlements of the case, without having to go to trial if it makes sense to both you and I, whether that is exploring mediations or arbitrations or other aspects to try and resolve your case to its best outcome.

And if not, we will file a lawsuit. As I said before, I’m a trial lawyer. I will take your case from start to finish, and discuss every aspect of it as it’s going along to make sure that you’re well-informed of every step of the case so that you can be in the best decision to decide what to do with the case – whether that means to settle a case, or to have a jury decide the outcome of your case.

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