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This short video will introduce you to personal injury attorneys Brian Lewis and Scott Gibson from Gibson Lewis in Illinois, as they discuss their firm and what it’s like to work with them on a case.

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Gibson Lewis handles all personal injury cases from medical negligence, which is also called malpractice, to product liability, auto crashes, construction injuries, workers comp injuries, slip-and-fall injuries. Really any time a person is hurt when some other person or company is at fault then we are the lawyers that would be representing you.

At Gibson Lewis we have three lawyers and three support staff. Our support staff is fantastic, they’re all paralegals, and together they have a combined experience over 50 years. They know this business, they know how it works and we all work really well together. We work on all the cases together. Any time a client calls our office, everyone here knows about the case and knows what’s going on in the case and so anyone can help the client when they call.

Our firm is three trial lawyers. We are the lawyers that try the cases, we don’t farm them out to other law firms. You’re also gonna have personal contact with us exclusively. We have a very good staff that supports us but every client to our practice has immediate and total access to the lawyer and, yeah, we establish a very strong relationship with our clients from the beginning which lasts throughout the pendency of the case.

It is much more efficient and effective to use technology in the courtroom. At Gibson Lewis, we have been doing that for years. I made a presentation to the American Bar Association about technology in the courtroom. We videotape depositions of certain witnesses so that we could play their impeachment at trial and jurors expect to see that and they will see that in a very crisp, clean way during the trial.

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