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Minneapolis attorney Scott Benson of Briol & Associates discusses how he represented the Timberwolves and the city of Minneapolis.

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So we’ve been lucky to be able to work with a good number of clients out there who have issues before the city. For example, we worked with the Timberwolves on the remodel of the Target Center. And that had two aspects to it. It had an aspect or working with the city. The city owns the Target Center and was very interested in having something happen with regard to the remodel of the Target Center and keeping that asset at its best for the city. But it also had the aspect of working with the legislature to be able to approve funds for the remodel of the Target Center. And, luckily, it got kind of wrapped into the Vikings proposal and now that’s going to happen.

We also worked with Republic Services on securing and working on the recycling contract for the city of Minneapolis and moving from a one-sort – or, from a several-sort system to a one-sort system in the city so that residents now can put all of their recycling into one bin and be able to recycle that rather than dividing it all out into paper bags. And that’s really led to an increase in recycling in the city of Minneapolis.

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