Government Regulators Focusing on Against Employees

Minneapolis Business Litigation Attorney Michael Glover discusses what government regulators are focusing on against employees.

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Against employees, what they are looking for, for the most part, are the proper collection of taxes. And it really comes as a focus on both the employer and the employee. Usually employees, you know, given the choice, they would rather be an independent contractor because there is far more flexibility in the taxes that they have to pay. The government would rather have them be employees for the most part because the employer then has to withhold a certain amount of the taxes, income taxes, specifically, that never make it into the hands of the taxpayer. And so employees have to be worried about that. Independent contractors have to also be worried about that because if the government comes in and says that you are not an independent contractor, you are in fact an employee, your tax bill will almost certainly go up as a result.

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