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Deborah on Expungement

St. Paul, MN criminal defense attorney Deborah Ellis explains expungement and her experience in related cases.

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That’s changing. I mean I also practice in Wisconsin and Wisconsin to date does not have an expungement process but there is some legislation being proposed for that. So I get calls from people from Wisconsin that they want to expunge a record and sadly, I heard that one elderly gentleman wanted an expungement because he was being denied senior housing based upon an ancient conviction but there was no way to get rid of that.

But expungements can be sealing of the court records and then, in some instances you can get back even your arrest record. So again, variations on that, certain offenses, sex offense they’re not going to expunge. But I have seen a trend toward allowing misdemeanor and some old, let’s say theft, certain felonies that you can get them expunged. There was a second change law that came in a couple years ago and I think there’s going to be more revisions to that and make it easier because I don’t think that people should be hampered in their employment at age 40 for something that happened when they were 18 and they made some silly mistake.

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