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What are the biggest estate planning myths?

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One of the biggest myths – I hear people say a lot, “When I’m dead and I’m gone, it really doesn’t matter what happens with my stuff. It’s somebody else’s problem.” But I think if you look back over living and during your life, from the time you were young or became a parent, you always left instructions for the babysitter, or if you went out of town, you left instructions for the pet-sitter, whether you were gone for an hour or a couple weeks. So I think it’s really, really important and a part of being a responsible individual that when you’re going on a trip you’re never gonna return from, that you would leave some instructions to guide the people that you love.

Phoenix, AZ estate planning attorney Michelle A. Booge talks about what people might think when it comes to making an estate plan and how it’s not exactly true.

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