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Nursing Home Negligence

Waukegan, IL personal injury attorney Brian Lewis talks about how he proves the declining condition of a loved one in a nursing home negligence case is that of neglect and not just the aging process.

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So with nursing home negligence cases, which are unfortunately much more common today than they were ten years ago due to the aging population, we treat nursing home negligence cases just like a medical malpractice case. They are record intensive, and many times with nursing homes, there are not adequate records; the records that should be there are not there. We interview family members, friends, staff at the nursing homes during the pendency of the litigation, and it’s relatively easy to put together a comprehensive timeline of a patient’s decline in a nursing home.

So many times, most times, patients in nursing homes have comorbidities, they have other conditions that unfortunately put them in the nursing home, but if those conditions were not symptomatic, if the patient did not have problems with bedsores before going into the nursing home, then we can focus, laser focus on the treatment that they got or that they should have gotten in the nursing home to hopefully prevent the bedsores or sometimes unfortunately not.

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