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What should I do if I’m pulled over after drinking?

Seattle, WA criminal defense lawyer Lucas D. McWethy gives advice on how to engage an officer if you get pulled over while under the influence.

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So if an officer pulls you over, the first think I always tell my clients is be polite. One thing the officers are always going to ask for is your identification and your insurance and your proof of registration. Those are required in Washington law if you’re driving so you hand those over. But beyond that, the less you say the better. To officers asking where you’ve gone you can simply reply with I’m not going to be answering questions right now, officer, here’s all my information. And sometimes you can even say upon the advice of counsel, that always tells the officer that you at least know your rights and usually stops them from pushing much harder on that. But you have to maintain, they’re going to ask two or three times. Politely refusing to answer is always the best advice.

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