DWI/DUI Attorney in Lynnwood, Washington

What services do you provide after a DUI?

Seattle, WA criminal defense lawyer Lucas D. McWethy talks about how he helps clients deal with the legal issues that can continue beyond the initial DUI case.

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After a DUI charge whether it’s reduced or convicted as a DUI there’s typically follow up precautions that need to be taken. Whether that’s ignition interlock, SR22 insurance, or you’re still suffering some sort of license suspension. I’m here for you after the DUI as well because unfortunately, a lot of people don’t understand exactly what’s required of them and get caught in a spiral where they’re going back to court ‘cause they’re accused of driving on a suspended license or violating their ignition interlock requirement. I make sure my clients are informed of all their requirements because my goal is to get you out of the legal justice system and back into your normal life without any requirements afterwards. And I’m going to make sure you know what those are and help you out.

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