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What if I cause an accident while under the influence?

Seattle, WA criminal defense lawyer Lucas D. McWethy talks about how he helps clients who’ve been in an accident while under the influence.

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So if you’re under the influence of alcohol or other drugs and you cause an accident, obviously, things get more complicated. The state can go from anything from charging you with a DUI to a vehicular assault to even a vehicular homicide depending on the outcome. So a lot of what your charge is going to be depends on damage done and quite honestly, alleged victims in the case. Many times, when an accident is involved or when the person has a prior on the record, the officer will also get a blood test to determine the person’s alcohol level or drug content. Those tests are usually done in the hospital, however, there’s a lot of defense that can be made to that because a lot of people have their hands involved. The more people that touch your evidence the more issues may arise and that’s one of the things we do here in my law firm is we track that blood test from the hospital to the officer to the lab and ultimately, back to the prosecutor to make sure everything was done properly and handled properly.

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