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Trends in Drug Prosecutions: What trends do you see in the prosecution of drug crimes?

Phoenix, AZ criminal defense lawyer Robert J. McWhirter discusses the trends he sees in the prosecution of drug crimes.

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In terms of handling drug cases, those take a great deal of attention as well. A lot of times there’s a lot of evidence. They do surveillance and you have to attend to all those, listen to those, and a lot of times it has to do with the role of your client within that. Many times people aren’t that big in the conspiracy but they want to try to use those people to get information on other people. And all that has to be finessed with a great deal of skill and delicacy.

What the trend is in drug laws now, at least the legislation, is kind of finally a little bit of softening up but not much in terms of the punitive nature of these things, because of the amount of time people go to prison for even things like marijuana. There’s starting to be a recognition that that’s not the best approach to handling cases. But that being said, they can be incredibly punitive and they can be incredibly inconsistent in the way they’re handled. Different jurisdictions treat the same crime differently. One county versus another county can have completely different policies related to how to deal with a drug crime. And you have to be attentive to that and try to work that to the advantage of your client.

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