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Discrimination: Where do you see discrimination and what does it look like?

San Francisco Employment Attorney, Traci Hinden, discusses failure to hire, failure to promote, failure to provide equal pay, and other forms of workplace discrimination.

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We see discrimination in a few places. It could be a failure to hire case. It could be a failure to promote case, failure to transfer, failure to provide equal pay, and it can look like anything. It could be between a male and a female in gender discrimination. It could be between an African American person and a Chinese person. It could be between two different religions. And that’s what it’s about is comparing them and there’s two avenues there. It’s either direct discrimination, which means there’s been some names, there’s been some, you know, epitaph, something that has been slurred, or it’s an impact case, which is all of the Latinos in that company are not being promoted, or all of the Chinese people are given pay raises and no one else.

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