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What Sets Pissetzky & Berliner Apart?

Chicago, IL criminal defense attorney Gal Pissetzky talks about what makes his firm different from other firms in the area.

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What we try to do is we try to limit the number of cases we take each year in order to guarantee the most zealous litigation and representation of clients. We try to concentrate on quality rather than volume. We believe, especially in the criminal realm of our firm, that litigating cases are more productive and reach better results than other ways of trying to resolve a case. Not to say that we don’t offer clients the option of reaching a plea agreement on their criminal cases, but usually when a lawyer is prepared for trial and prepared to fight the case or prepared to litigate motions, you find that the plea agreements become better and more advantage for the clients.

And that is what sets us from other firms, where many lawyers, especially because they are so many lawyers out there today, many lawyers try to have as many clients as they can take into their office, get them as clients, and kind of like an assembly line get rid of the cases with plea agreements on the first or second court date and try to push the client to settle for some kind of a plea agreement.

We do the opposite; we fight the cases.

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