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About Pissetzky & Berliner, LLC

Watch this brief introduction video to Chicago, Illinois Criminal Defense Attorney Gal Pissetzky as he talks about the importance and value of his firm Pissetzky & Berliner, LLC.

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We are a small boutique firm. And we handle a variety of types of cases, starting with felony criminal cases that can be either state or federal cases. And there are more of the complex type of felony cases.

Many lawyers try to have as many clients as they can take into their office, get them as clients, and kind of like an assembly line get rid of the cases with plea agreements on the first or second court date and try to push the client to settle for some kind of a plea agreement. We do the opposite; we fight the cases.

Every case is different. Even if it’s the same type of charge, the facts are different. Clients come to me and tell me, well, what is the percentage or how do you see my case, or have you won cases similar to mine? My answer to them is every case is unique. Every case has a different set of facts. So no case is the same.

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