Cost & Fees in Personal Injury Cases Attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cost of Personal Injury Lawyer

Minneapolis personal injury lawyer Jim Carey explains that there is no up-front cost for a person seeking to hire a lawyer for a personal injury case.

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How much does it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer? That’s a question I’m often asked. Historically, only wealthy people had access to legal help because you have to pay by the hour, or you had to pay by the hour, and pay retainers that people of modest income couldn’t afford. And then the contingent fee was developed, which is a percentage based fee that people can pay to a personal injury lawyer. It’s typically one third of what’s recovered for them, and if they don’t make a recovery, they don’t incur any legal expenses, at least for attorney’s fees. There are costs associated with every case that most personal injury lawyers will pay so that the client or customer doesn’t have to pay any kind of retainer or incur any expenses.

The contingent fee is an incredible development in the law. I think it truly is kind of the poor man’s key to the courthouse, and it gives people of modest means an opportunity to hire the best lawyers.

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